What makes a great logistics conference are the opportunities to meet with company executives, customer service providers and to find out what’s on the horizon. Information about what worked over the past year, and what improvements are needed for better services, latest technology, new products, services and business strategies are components to a great logistics conference. Conferences are opportunities to share and gain information with like minded audiences, who are managers, and decisions makers. They are looking for methods to impact costs without reducing quality of services. Service providers are looking to hear from existing and potential users on how they can capitalize on new market opportunities. Both sets of users are looking for solutions to expand service zone capabilities.

Event introductions and forums รถรับจ้างมาบตาพุด need to include methods of reducing the effect of risks on price changes. Technology changes are the cause for emerging markets and new innovations between suppliers for distribution and productions. A single standard needs to be developed with sustainable criteria for sourcing that allows flexibility to support green initiatives and improve supply chains. The systems need to differentiate between raw material, made to stock or made to order product and service timeframes. Besides the daily functions and system operations, managing the growth of customer and supplier bases. Management and internal systems need to develop methods to balance standardization and customization, while increasing accuracy of forecasting.

Logistics conferences need to have representation from every sector of the field– from logistics executives and others tasked with the supply chain in the c-suite to qualified vendors who offer services that can improve logistics operations better or reduce costs. Any good logistics conference will have a good ratio of these attendees; usually this is two-thirds logistics executives and one-third secondary market, or vendor, attendees. Another element that makes a great logistics conference is research by the conference company beforehand– they should research the most pressing topics in the logistics field and identify the pain points of their target attendees. This way the conference program will reflect the real world problems that attendees face.

Keys to great logistics conferences contain three traits, passion for the business, people with the skills to provide services or products and the precision of delivery. Great logistic conferences incorporate networking, speaker content on topics, which are at the core of the conference’s objective. Topics are the attractors for attendees and the speaker should use the topics as guides to echo the conference’s purpose, which is logistics. The speaker is the hit of the conference; it’s the principle reason conference attendees have converged. They are looking to learn how to improve business, what it takes to expand business and how to attract new logistic opportunities. Speakers or panel speakers need to be prepared for questions from the audience with responses not necessarily answers to audience inquiries.

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