These days, transportation is the key element that can help a country moving with great pace. Without the availability of proper logistics or transportation medium a country’s economy can’t keep moving. Both these aspects are the prime wheels that can keep the economy on a great level. Distributing goods and other materials can’t be possible if a country’s logistics and transportation is not strong enough. If your country is going down with the storage of food stuffs like wheat then with the help of strong logistic availability you can import these materials form nearby countries.

Well, logistics and transportation, these last mile delivery two words are strongly connected with each other. Both goes hand on hand and without one there is no mean for the other! The thing is to look for is that whether or not one can survive exclusive of the other? This question can be answered by knowing the exact senses behind both of these unique services.

So, transportation means the allocation of goods and resources from the original destination to other point. There will be five modes for transportation such as:

  • With the help of animals
  • By Air Way
  • By Road
  • Through Railway services
  • Through Water Channels (Ship or Cruise service)

Sometime we are also using a combined medium of transportation to obtain fast and better results. The whole transportation depends on several processes such as packing of goods, managing it properly and lastly the transportation preparation. Maintaining a proper coordination throughout the whole process is simply impartial. But transportation may need a dual mode to deliver the materials when it’s all about maintaining a quick time frame. Here logistics will come into play.

Logistics is known as the practice of managing goods and supplies from the prime source to the user. Any country can take a look at how logistics is important for its development? Logistics is a necessity that needs to be added with every vital section of a country. Whether it’s a Government office, a health agency or a big business sector, logistics is an important aspect for each of them to keep things moving smoothly. However, business logistics is the most important one in this segment because it offers maple focus on speed and quantity. This is enough capable of delivering materials in the right frame of time and place. The cost is ideal and the proper combination of man power and other resources has made business logistics so popular.

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