Are You able to be forced to sell your house?

Yes, unfortunately. Unexpected twists and turns are part of life. Although no one expects to have their home sold against their will, many Americans find themselves in similar situations. Here are some reasons homeowners might be forced to sell their home.

Pre-Foreclosure or Short Sale

“Under water” is a situation where a property owner owes more mortgage payments than the property can be sold for. This is known as an “upside down” mortgage.

The mortgage holder, usually a bank, may agree to reduce the amount of the distressed property if the property owner is unable to pay the full mortgage amount.

This is known as a short sale. Unfortunately, such an outcome can be extremely stressful for the homeowner. It can also make it difficult to navigate the paperwork and red tape. A short sale could be an alternative to foreclosure. Although it is less costly for the bank and may have a lower impact on homeowner’s credit, this is not always true.

Pre-foreclosure is different in that the properties are not available for sale. These properties are still legally owned by the homeowners, even though foreclosure proceedings have been initiated on them.


A marriage breakup is one of most difficult and draining experiences a person could ever go through. It can also have serious consequences for your financial and living arrangements.

Many couples can experience financial and emotional traumas that can have a devastating impact on their financial and emotional well-being. A fair and equitable division must be made of all property during a divorce. Sometimes one party may offer to “buy out” the other by paying half the equity of the home to the owner. If the owner agrees, he or she will cease living in the home. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers Check now.

Although this is not always possible, it can be a good option if both spouses want to live in the marital home. Often, however, it is decided to sell the family home and divide the proceeds among the parties.

This decision can be made by both the homeowners or a judge in a divorce settlement.

Death in the family

It can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming to cope with the death of a family member. A sudden loss of a spouse may catch a family by surprise and can have a devastating impact on finances.

A loss of income can make it difficult to afford the family home if financial plans are not in place. This is especially true if a spouse dies. A spouse’s grief and feelings of emptiness may be compounded by panic when the financial situation in their family suddenly becomes uncertain.

Selling your home, although it may be painful, might be the best option.

Death of a parent can bring about unique problems. An elderly parent’s home may require significant repairs, and it might not be able to be sold in its current condition.

This could indicate that the home requires new roofing or electrical work. The laundry list might prove too complicated for children or other heirs.

What can you do to help?

Selling  Houses has the expertise to help you with any situation, including a foreclosure, impending divorce or the death of a family member.

Cash will be given for your house in its current state. You don’t have to clean, paint, or make costly repairs. Selling  Houses makes it easy to close quickly with no closing costs.


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