Anthony Logistics Shave Gel was designed for men with sensitive skin. It is infused with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Eucalyptus Extract, Peppermint, Sea Kelp and Slippery Elm Extract. All of these ingredients work together to give you a super close shave while not irritating your face.

When I saw that the Anthony Logistics Shave Gel was designed for men with sensitive skin, I was all over it. I liked the idea that it had Aloe Leaf Juice and Sea Kelp in it. So this product was a no brainer to try and see if I liked it.

So as usual when I am reviewing our products, I wake up and hop into the shower. I perform all of my normal morning rituals, such as washing my face, shampooing and conditioning my hair and cleaning my body.

After I was done with my shower I dried off and began preparing for my morning shave. I wanted to see how Anthony Logistics Shave Gel worked by itself, so I didn’t use any Anthony Logistics Pre Shave Oil prior to my shave.

So I wet my face just a little and squeezed a nickel sized amount into the palm of my hand. I immediately noticed that this shaving gel was green in color. It must be all the Aloe that Anthony Logistics placed into this Shave Gel. The next thing that I noticed was the Shave Gels menthol like smell. You can definitely tell that thisĀ Ekspedisi Si Cepat gel has peppermint and eucalyptus extract added to it.

So I began applying Anthony Logistics Shave Gel to my face. Anthony wasn’t lying when he said that a little goes a long way. The nickel sized amount that I squeezed out was more than enough to cover my entire face.

As with most Shave Gels, Anthony Logistics version doesn’t foam up or create a white coating on the face. It remains clear when applied to the face. This is a big plus for men that style there facial hair and need to see where they are shaving.

So now onto the shaving. I grabbed my trusty razor and began slowly gliding the blade down my face. I noticed right off the bat, that there was no drag on the blade as I was shaving. The blade just glided down my face with ease. I also found that this shave gel doesn’t clog up my blade as some previous gels I have tried in the past had.

Now that I was done shaving I rinsed my face and applied some Anthony Logistics After Shave Balm. I gave the after shave a minute to dry to see how close of a shave I had gotten and if my skin felt irritated or not. After the balm had dried I ran my hand up my face to see if I could feel any stubble. To my pleasure I didn’t feel any. I got a really close shave with out using any pre shave oil. I was really impressed.

The next test was to see if the Anthony Logistics Shave Gel had irritated my face at all in the process of shaving. Even without using a face moisturizer my skin did not feel dry or irritated in any way. I can truly say that this is one Shave Gel that was carefully created for men with sensitive skin.

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